Kashtuk Trade Pistol
Kashtuk Trapper Pistol

This is our version of a trade or plains style pistol. Plain no frills pistol well suited for the wild plains,  mountain ranges, or any of the seven seas! 

 It was not uncommon to carry a secondary weapon of the same caliber as your long gun to eliminate the need to carry and search for proper ammo for either gun. The same ammo also cut down on weight as well. Whatever the reason, our pistol is an excellent companion to your longrifle or fowler/musket. Smoothbore barrels can be loaded with shot or ball which makes it an effective close range weapon.

Trade Pistols have a hooked style grip and come with brass or steel attachments. 

The trigger gaurd is cast

Trapper pistols have a rounded style grip and come with handmade sheet brass attachments only

Pistols are available in the same bore size as any of our longuns. From .36cal to .54cal rifled barrels to 28ga- to 20ga smoothbore. Barrel lengths are available from 7" to 10".  Pistols include plain maple stock.

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Email us to order your muzzleloader.

We'll answer your questions, and build one especially for you!

We'll start building your gun when a minimum 60% payment is made, and ship it when the payment balance is received.

There are no refunds once work has started.

Build time estimate 4 to 6 weeks.