Stock Carving

Decorative stock carving is available to make your muzzleloader truly a one of a kind gun!


  - Incised carvings are simple designs of straight or curved lines.

  - Relief Carving is traditionally styled 3-dimensional artwork.

You may choose carving at specific areas such as the tang, behind the cheek piece, cheek piece, wrist, toe line. trigger guard, lock and side panel, entry pipe, forestock etc. or have us carve the entire stock.


Carvings will include either style or combinations of both styles.


We will be happy to discuss the scope of work, design and layout with you, or just let us design it for you. Please be advised, Stock carvings can add 4-6 weeks to your build time.


***The  final design and application of the artwork will be determined by Kashtuk Bowcraft!


Single location carvings                           $75.00/ea


Carving complete stock                            $600.00