The Kashtuk Hickory Longbow is our most popular bow. It's designed after the Traditional American Flat Bow. Our longbow is crafted from Hickory stock. There are no high tech laminates, fiberglass or other composite materials included in its construction. It is just a single piece of wood.

By popular demand we now include buffalo horn tip overlays on every bow!


Natural snakeskin backingcan also be applied over the rawhide backing for more protection or a one of a kind camo look.


This bow is a working hunting weapon, which is thoroughly tested before it is shipped. This bow will easily cast an arrow well beyond 100 yards and is deadly accurate within 20 yards. It is not a toy.

This bow includes bow string, buffalo horn tip overlays, straight grip hardwood handle, carved arrow rest, black cord grip, and dark colored stain. 


All Kashtuk Longbows are 68" long and have a standard draw length of 28".
Contact us if you require custom bow dimensions such as bow length, draw length, or draw weight. There is a $50 additional fee for this service.

Kashtuk Longbow w/ Rawhide Backing