Here you can choose your bow camo backing design. Camo backing can be applied directly to the wood surface of your bow or applied over the rawhide backing. The cloth material adds protection from moisture and the rugged activities of outdoor use. The material is also intended for safety to help keep splinters from forming on the back of the bow, which could lead to cracking. Our snakeskin camo looks like the real thing and even has texture to its surface. It’s the perfect natural looking camo for your hunt and adds a "one of a kind" flair to your bow.  If you have a different pattern in mind, e-mail us!

Natural (Real) Snakeskin- Snakeskins provide waterproof protection, as well as a beautiful and natural camo for your bow. Choose snakeskin camo and “Release your primal instinct”

Bow Camo/ Artwork

Bow Backing/ Artwork