Back in the day most people could only afford one gun, and most opted for a smoothbore. They were more versatile than rifles because they could be loaded with shot for hunting small game and birds, or loaded with ball for bigger game. They were also faster to load in battle. This kit Includes a 42" full round tapered 20 gauge smoothbore barrel. The upgraded walnut stock has the barrel, ramrod, lock and trigger already pre-inlet. The high quality round faced Early English lock is from RE Davis. All attachements are steel. This kit will also include all misc hardware (not pictured) such as ramrod, barrel lugs, turtle front site, bolts screws and pins. 

* This kit will require final fitting and/or inletting of the various steel attachments such as the butt plate, trigger guard, ramrod pipes, etc. You will also need to drill and tap holes where needed. Final shaping of the stock will also be required.

This kit is not recommended for beginners. 

You may purchase the kit and build it yourself or have us install any of the components that you need help with, OR we can completely build it "in the white" or completely finish it for you! just send us a message or e-mail and let us know.  Either way, it will be a beautifully slender and lightweight gun perfect for your backwoods trek!

Price includes shipping!

American Fowler Kit