In the White Guns

"In the White" or "U-finish" kits

are available for all the guns that we offer.

Purchasing a U-Finish kit is a great way to add your personal touch, and experience the satisfaction of putting some of your own heart and soul into the completion of your very own custom muzzleloader!

U-finish kits will include a fully inlet and shaped stock.

All metal components will be bolted, pinned or otherwise attached to the stock. Screw heads will include counter sunk holes.

Sights will be dovetailed or soldered to the barrel.

Vent liner will be installed.

  Finish sanding, stain and sealer will be required for the stock.

Some minor stock shaping may be required.

Metal parts will be left "as cast"

and casting lugs or remnants will need to be removed.

All metal will need to be polished and finished.

Bolts and pins may need to be ground down to finished length.

U-Finish kit...................................Deduct $50.00 from the finished price of gun