Early Trade Gun

 Due to high competition with the french, Early English trade guns were commonly made to look similar to the popular and preferred French Fusil de Chase. Our Early Trade Gun follows this concept and includes the classic french stock profile while retaining the destinctive and unique English trade gun features such as the simple sheet brass butt plate, large trigger bow, inverted tang bolt and sheet brass serpent side plate. This gun design pre-dates the famous North West Trade Gun., and makes a fine addition to your kit.

The Early Trade Gun is available in 28g   or 20g  smoothbore barrel. Barrel lengths are available in 36" or 42".  Smoothbore barrels can be loaded with shot or ball which makes the Early Trade Gun a versatile weapon to harvest small or large game.

Basic trade guns include a plain maple stock. The side plate, ramrod tubes and butt plate are brass. Barrel, lock and trigger guard are steel, and are finished blued or antiqued. The buttplate can be nailed on like originals or screwed on per your preference.

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