1792 Contract Rifle

Civilian gun makers were contracted by the new US Government to build guns for the military. The 1792 Contract Rifle was the US Government's first contracted military weapon. Some of these guns were later refitted with 1803 US gov't stamped locks. Stamped locks are the standard feature for this gun. Unstamped contract rifle common locks are also available.

 Guns include plain maple stock, 36" or 42" straight octagon barrel, iconic patchbox and associated brass fittings. Barrel and lock are blued or antiqued.

Choice of .50 or .54 caliber. The price includes all attachments typically associated with this style of gun.

Price includes patchbox.

Left handed versions are also available!

* Please note: 1792 contract rifles were built by many different gun builders. There were many variances of this rifle.  


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